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Deadly girls ♥


Some are deadlier than others…


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Busy finishing, busy pitching

So time goes by pretty fast, and before we know it, we’ve been away for a couple of days already! (…again? :9)

But for good reasons, being busy is a good thing, and being closer to finishing it’s even better. Additionally we’ve been pitching for more work. Any thoughts? Drop us a line ;) (sorry guys, pro bono is not an option at the moment :/ …)

Here’s the latest pitch, going after the required style, and maybe a little more inspired by the British airs. (not wanting to jinx it, but the sun has been shinning every 5 min!♥ ….Aaand it’s gone.)

To one and all, take care! And stay tuned as we’ll try to keep you updated more often. ★★★ ;)


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Gravity Daze er… Rush? Gravity ZERO!

Just a little teaser of an ongoing illustration of a very entangling game and a true challenge for the ones who have a very -veeery very- bad sense of direction (the cat is guilty, yes) because you’ll be adding another axis to your freedom of movement as you play with gravity, trying to master your gravitation directions and mobility in gravity zero. It’s name is Gravity Rush, or Gravity Daze in Japan.

Click for ↓↓(slightly) Bigger Size↓↓

Click for (slightly) Bigger Size

The estimated due date for this illustration just got a bit more generous, so this just might get the work time it deserves!

For the ones that are curious, if you want to try it that badly try to go to a gameshop that has the PSVita in display and enjoy bitting your lip in oblivion that you’re making funny faces while you dance your way into helping your gameplay!
Have fun everyone, and enjoy your weekend!★


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