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Tumble, tumble cat & fox…


Some people update their blogs once a day, some once a week… we don’t even update once a month XD Seriously…how do people do it? What’s that? Discipline….? We’ll keep Missing In Action under a welcomed pile of work for now…


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Silly Cat and Fox, go back inside!


We doubt real cats and foxes would be at the beach with this weather. Be sensible and stay out of the beach walks, it’s been crazy all over Europe!
And now back to work…


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Japan Embassy UK – Choshu Five teaser

★Hello everyone!★
How has the starting week been treating you? On our side we keep calling it “neverending tasks season”, fortunately busy and happily doing our best to manage it all!

Remember us mentioning the homework to be done regarding the Manga Jiman for this year 2013? ( You don’t? That’s alright, go here: >previous post<). We’re not sure if we can share the image in full already but we still wanted to give a sneak peek of what’s to come so here it is!


We will talk more about it the moment we are 100% sure we can share it completely!
Until then, enjoy your week!★★★



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