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Deadly girls ♥


Some are deadlier than others…


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A lucky kid


Come on kid, they aren’t scary at all ♥
Upcoming project! More info soon!

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What’s up, Starbullet? (concepts and comics)

Birmingham MCM Expo came and went. Is it a bad thing to say it was the biggest event we ever participated in? It was certainly a bit overwhelming and a good start to getting used to massive crowds. We didn’t have the time to take pretty pictures (nor an angel to come and snap a few for us) but we still managed a few and we will share those soon enough.

After we deal with… deadlines. “ORZ After all, disappearing for so long needs to have a reason, right?

We’re very happy at the moment making concept art for a RPG game! This has allowed us to create clothes designs which is one of the things we really love to do! This is just a small sample and the RPG name is “Book of Zhu”.

And we’ve been also working on a comic book release, Black Lotus. We worked on the pencils last year and now we were invited to take on the toning challenge.

It’s really fun seeing something evolve from this…

To this!


Ah, toning. Nothing makes us lose our minds as much as the fine art of “wait, are you doing it with the right res? Oh Crap”.
Complete libraries could be filled with moiré nightmares and dramatic testimonials depressed artists.

And now, back to work!

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