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Tumble, tumble cat & fox…


Some people update their blogs once a day, some once a week… we don’t even update once a month XD Seriously…how do people do it? What’s that? Discipline….? We’ll keep Missing In Action under a welcomed pile of work for now…


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Silly Cat and Fox, go back inside!


We doubt real cats and foxes would be at the beach with this weather. Be sensible and stay out of the beach walks, it’s been crazy all over Europe!
And now back to work…


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What you got there Mr. Postman?


We just got these amazing fliers today, from the Japanese Embassy in London. It seems to be the Embassy’s tradition to invite the winners to draw the fliers for the next competition and thus here we are swelling with pride to be able to add our own this year.
Hopefully we will be able to share our concepts with you but for now we must come up with a proper idea. To the drawing boards (or the digital versions at least).


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