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Deadly girls ♥


Some are deadlier than others…


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Japan Matsuri 2013~

And we waltz in singing our favourite tune, one you should all be familiar with already: ♫ WE ARE NOT DEAD YET! ♪

Yes it’s true, after all this time, we are definitely not dead, in fact we are more alive than ever!! And here’s the absolute proof, a wonderful, already nostalgia full…


… prepare for massive photo share!

Since we’ve won Manga Jiman (contest held by the Japanese Embassy every year), we’ve been terribly busy and one of the reasons was us rising to the challenge of the previous winner, Elena Vitagliano. She invited us to join her in creating an Anthology releasing the best winning entries the contest produced. Soon, after Katja Hammond and Asia Alfasi joined us, our new group was born, later to be known as



Cross#atch was born out of the sheer desire of STK and other Manga Jiman winners wanting to improve the manga scene in the UK with a fresh new attitude towards manga and comics. Our debut was at none other than the Japan Matsuri this last October -by invitation of the Japan Society no less- with our first book: Hatchlings!

But there was one thing we had no idea of. The event was at the worldly famous Trafalgar Square in London! That’s one feline and vulpine heart going at 500/km a hour right there. Luckily we managed to conquer our fear by the Event’s eve…


2013_10_05__10h_48m_54s__IMG_2276_2 Ah… how peaceful and calm on that Saturday’s morning… can you see the Big Ben in the horizon ♥?



Peaceful no more!! Oceans of people! Hearts began to beat faster again (followed by nausea and shaking in our seats combo.)

2013_10_05__14h_35m_38s__IMG_2926_3“Nyu~! Target locked!” -recognizing the owners of photo portraits, ordered 15 minutes before.

There was no way we were going to have organized lines and that was alright because the cat was fluent in communicating by gestures to the furthest people, even got the chance to warn previous visitors that their requested portraits by photo were ready to go!


Our stand was proudly showing the flyers and anthology book full of our award winning short stories, eager to find new owners.


We were doing several styles of portraits, this fox photo is just one of the examples. To see many more and take a peek at our weekly posts go to Cross#atch on Facebook right here!


This was the final result of what we did for the Matsuri festival, as we were asked to draw something for the Manga Wall, we decided to compromise a bit more and did the full blown Canvas featuring several of the elements that this year’s Matsuri exalted.



Nevertheless we still adorned the Manga Wall at the Trafalgar Square as Katja (left) and Asia (right) drew an open invitation for everyone to leave their mark on the wall as well.



The Festival was going in full swing and beautiful acts kept going up on stage and even if we didn’t have the time to stop and appreciate, we still had the music to keep our spirits up and make us shake our tails discreetly (?) to the rhythm ♪♫

2013_10_05__13h_21m_17s__IMG_2819Elena, Katja, Asia and Sara (& Gi on the direction pointed, holding the portraits together!)

Suddenly it was already our time to go up on stage and have the opportunity to present ourselves as Gi kept our stall alive.


Back to Gi’s side! When we regrouped again our workload doubled and we went full speed on drawing!


By the end of the day we were all twisted and aching but with huge smiles and recharged spirits for this wonderful day.

We want to thank Roby and Man for being amazing people and strong supporters since Day 1, you guys are made of gold♥.

Thank you to John who did an amazing photo coverage, he was able to capture us without fear! (this cat and fox usually look like they got blinded by flashlights in sheer terror in each photo…)

Thank you to the never ending patience and soul replenishing food from Peter and Shaomei and thank you for receiving us and for making us feel so welcome. (also suppliers of the best hugs!)

And a special thank you to the Japan Society and more specifically to Sean, for the opportunity of being present at the Matsuri 2013 and for accommodating us in this wonderful festival.

Thank you very much to all that came by and have been supporting us nonstop!

We hope to get the chance to top this experience next year with many more wonderful memories!♥


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Manga Jiman Competition 2012 – I LOVE YOU – Pages!

Hey everyone!
It’s been a very busy week but we don’t want to delay it any more!


Without any further ado, we are very happy to share our winning short story “I LOVE YOU”!
Like always, click on the page for full size! 



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