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Japan Embassy UK – Choshu Five teaser

★Hello everyone!★
How has the starting week been treating you? On our side we keep calling it “neverending tasks season”, fortunately busy and happily doing our best to manage it all!

Remember us mentioning the homework to be done regarding the Manga Jiman for this year 2013? ( You don’t? That’s alright, go here: >previous post<). We’re not sure if we can share the image in full already but we still wanted to give a sneak peek of what’s to come so here it is!


We will talk more about it the moment we are 100% sure we can share it completely!
Until then, enjoy your week!★★★



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Busy Bees are we!

Hi everyone!☆

Halloween is just around the corner! We’re putting our witch-pumpkin outside from today (we’re not ones to celebrate too early, like Christmas decorations on September… 9_9…)
Again, we’re here to wave at you guys and dash back into work. Be happy for us, it’s more than good news!
Here are teasers of two of the commissions we’ve done lately. You can check the full versions at our Deviantart page→Click here to go there!

(and if you haven’t noticed, take a look at the new blog page about our Commission details! →here←)

(Click the image for full view!)

Hoping all is well with you guys and for those affected by Hurricane Sandy we hope it slows down and leaves already. Try and stay safe!

Take care!☆☆☆


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Gravity Daze er… Rush? Gravity ZERO!

Just a little teaser of an ongoing illustration of a very entangling game and a true challenge for the ones who have a very -veeery very- bad sense of direction (the cat is guilty, yes) because you’ll be adding another axis to your freedom of movement as you play with gravity, trying to master your gravitation directions and mobility in gravity zero. It’s name is Gravity Rush, or Gravity Daze in Japan.

Click for ↓↓(slightly) Bigger Size↓↓

Click for (slightly) Bigger Size

The estimated due date for this illustration just got a bit more generous, so this just might get the work time it deserves!

For the ones that are curious, if you want to try it that badly try to go to a gameshop that has the PSVita in display and enjoy bitting your lip in oblivion that you’re making funny faces while you dance your way into helping your gameplay!
Have fun everyone, and enjoy your weekend!★


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