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Tumble, tumble cat & fox…


Some people update their blogs once a day, some once a week… we don’t even update once a month XD Seriously…how do people do it? What’s that? Discipline….? We’ll keep Missing In Action under a welcomed pile of work for now…


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Manga Jiman Competition 2012 – I LOVE YOU – Pages!

Hey everyone!
It’s been a very busy week but we don’t want to delay it any more!


Without any further ado, we are very happy to share our winning short story “I LOVE YOU”!
Like always, click on the page for full size! 



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Cat & Fox Recharging


Wow, it was one heck of a week.  Let’s not repeat this last adventure anytime soon. At least not with this tight schedule. We basically put together 6 pages of comic in 4 days. That means sketching, inking, toning, lettering, effects, printing and cutting. “ORZ.

And of course, this resulted in 3 hours of sleep each night. Didn’t do good to our systems and sadly reminded us that we’re not cheerful teenagers anymore… ;_;

The guilty pages…

But that rush of endorphins after getting a job well done was total bliss and today we indulged in the delights of slow cooking and much needed sleep. Not in this particular order.

Fox: Could it be? We finally got a weekend off?
Cat: I’m still too sore to say.

Ah yes, it was as good as it looks. And nope, those plates aren’t small. We’re Portuguese and we like to EAT!

Tomorrow we get back on the horse though, because there’s more stuff to be done. Busy, busy, happy bees are we. Have a great working week everybody! ♥



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