We didn’t tumble on national TV!♥

21 Apr

Our happy gauge was already pretty high up for being invited to participate in the event Iberanime Lx 2013 with demonstrations and workshops when it suddenly sky rocketed with an invitation for a national morning TVshow called “Praça da Alegria” on RTP1 channel. We coughed, wheezed, gasped and finally were able to say a big yes!

We are not used to these rushing tv plans!
Everything is happening at the same time, crucial decisions at last minute, ad libs and improvisation with several cameras pointed at us is not really our forte @_@. But nevertheless it is done and was worth it!! Everyone was very nice and supportive. Thank you to everyone involved, you made us feel less nervous!
…We are already happy that we didn’t give a “9.5 points” worth tumble live on national TV…

As we breathed in… 3,2,1 things were happening already!


It started very well with friendly kisses from the wonderful hosts João Baião and Tânia Ribas. You can see a happy fox and a happy cat on a million kisses cycle as the crowd pretends not to be jealous of our synchronized kisses♥





We got to talk a little bit about Manga, our victory on MangaJiman and what it is about. We were very well entertained midway by Hugo Sousa cosplaying as Lufi from the series “One Piece” (quickly engaging Baião in cosplaying by literally dropping his hat on him).


As we got to work on little surprises for the hosts, the cameras turned to our friend Ricardo Andrade co-creator of NCreatures, also involved back in 2005 on our fanzines project “a Gogo” (he was even carrying the elusive Gogo #3 “Shounen a Gogo” sold out at the time we printed them♥).
He presented the project Banzai, anthology of several Portuguese young artists and guest artists which is soon launching issue #3!
Next to Baião was Manuela Cardoso, in charge of Waribashi, Japanese culture web-magazine and also an author on Banzai.
We were definitly in good company♥


And as time waits for nobody, our 20 minutes of live labour were finished and just as they were, the sketches were offered to the rightful owners, who were happy with them.



Can you catch the references on the drawings? This one will be easier if you’re Portuguese… Still a challenge though… Maybe?


And that was it, cameras off, lights off and the oxygen was flowing in again. We were happy and we’ve been receiving heart warming support, but we will never get used to the “I saw you on TV!!” routine without blushing a little…

Soon we’ll be covering Iberanime Lx 2013 weekend, don’t miss out! ~♪♫

★Enjoy the begining of this new week, everyone!★


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2 responses to “We didn’t tumble on national TV!♥

  1. Neodios

    September 7, 2013 at 9:08 AM

    Ooohohohoh, TV stars now! I can seeeeeee youuuu *___*

  2. STKstarbullet

    October 22, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    >//v///< not at all!! Oh no! *so embarrassed*


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