Anicomcs 2011 Event Report! – Part 2

16 Jun

This post  is sponsored by the first watermelon of the year ♥

And because we got knocked on the head last week about hurrying a certain someone named Jo to give us the workshop photos that should have been posted a month ago *geh*, here we are at last with the conclusion of another…

We won’t test your patience and will make this a short one.
Second day of the event was a lot more peaceful for some but a lot more stressful on the fox.  It was after all the workshop day.  (Man, did a month really go by already?)

It never ceases to amaze me the different ages and character that appear on the workshops.  We get guys that draw already pretty good to beginners. The whole workshop was 3 hours – almost straight because  I got distracted in my passion for teaching *cough* and it was all about basics and inking tips.  I think we were all pretty shy in the beginning and only when the first hour was almost finished we started getting along.

Our eternal thanks for the photos, Jo ♥

It was a lot fun but just when we were all getting into it, time ran out! I want to thank the guys that sent me their works that at the time were still unfinished and I hope you keep drawings always! See you some other time!

After the workshop, much to the fox’s surprise, she got interviewed o_o… and not just by anyone, oh no, but by Kula from King of Fighters and Naoto-kun from Persona 4! Aaah! Of course at the end there was some harassment to have a piccie taken with them both <3 It went something like this…

Sorry for the harassment! I wanted to take you guys home XD!

And the surprises kept rolling.

From our Go Go days,  a dear friend appeared and actually she was the winner of the events comic contest! Her name is Paula Nunes and she is really talented both at drawing and making the fox’s heart melt with her sweet words of encouragement. Thank you ever so much Paula! ;____; Much love to you!!!
And guess what, she gave me a little gift. Yes she did.  With all my heart, thank you all over again! Damned, I should have asked for you to write something on the back! ♥

And yep, even with all the stress and nervousness, before we knew it it was all over and the fox got one hell of a cold that knocked her out for two weeks XD. Still, that’s no excuse for the late posting… man when will we learn to be less lazy?

Shoot to Kill would like to thank:
Mário Freitas (Mr. Pig) for creating the event and making us part of it, it’s been a really great experience!
Jo Bonito and Rá Taniças for their generosity and patience ♥
All the old and new friends that showed up!

From the top of our hearts, Thank you! See you next time!


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2 responses to “Anicomcs 2011 Event Report! – Part 2

  1. Jo

    July 1, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    I just loooooove the fox with the watermelon!
    Tás desculpada xD
    *snaps the whip

  2. Gi

    July 1, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    *eek* Sorry about urging you and then taking it easy myself =w= Sara would kick my ass too if she could eheh.


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