Anicomics 2011 Event Report! – Part 1

12 May

Did you miss us ♥ ?At last it’s time for another…

(If you haven’t figured out by now that all this apparatus is for fun, we deeply apologise…)

A lot of things happened during this year’s edition of Anicomics some awesome, others just weird and some others viral since the fox got herself a lousy cold. Anicomics is a small event being hosted by the library Orlando Ribeiro in Telheiras, Lisboa. It’s on its second year and it’s our dear Mr. Pig’s love child XD. For a whole weekend comic and animation fans from all genres get to gather and express their love for stories, characters and skits. Mostly the event is highly populated with cosplayers as it hosts competitions and stage time for any brave soul who isn’t afraid of a loud, cheerful audience.

The cosplayers in the wild…

Shoot to Kill was present as part of the event itself helping to present the fruit of their hard work; the launch of Super Pig’s trilogy in a 3 in one format.  As much as it makes one nervous to stand in front of an audience it seems one is not nervous enough to cause some mischief but *ahem* we are getting ahead of ourselves here. With an auditory fully packed, Mr. Pig presented not only Super Pig but another array of comics and authors and proudly so, all national talents. When all is said and done, it’s glad and positive to see this sort of care and strength to publish Portuguese works and in Portugal where comics have a rotten reputation.

And when we say full, we mean it!

Super Pig’s Team is composed by Mário Freitas (Mr. Pig), Carlos Pedro, GEvan.. , Gisela Martins (fox) and Sara Ferreira (cat). Sadly with Sara away it felt a little lonely at the conference table… Mr. Pig explained the ideals behind the creation of such a pink and plump character and unveiled some of its future adventures but ever so secretive he left plenty of space for imagination and wonder. As for the fox, she was happy shooting pics of the public and her present team mates. =D

The book itself like we mentioned, is a gathering of all the books created about Super Pig, mashing them up in an unique volume. T The first Super Pig books were in black and white and they’ve only met colour after GEvan.. so to fill up the gap, STK began the adventure of colouring the previews books.  Now for this re-edition the art has been revised, so were the colours, most re-edited by Mr. Pig to convey more feeling to the plot.

Original colours by Shoot to Kill

Colour re-edits by Kingpin – Mário Freitas

This was for most of day one! +_+ Damned it’s always picture trigger happy time with these event reports… check out soon for the second half!!

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