Gifts from Korea!

16 Dec

So today the fox was minding her own business when suddenly the Mail’s truck appears at her doorstep and…

Words will never be enough to describe to you how much my eyes grew as I rushed back home! It was a package from my sweet friend HwangBo!! A few weeks back, I had sent her a little gift to bring in some Christmas cheer but neither me or Sara are the sort of people that give gifts thinking about what we will receive in return so, this was a real surprise! You got me good, HwangBo nim! XD My first thought was to keep the package like this, until Christmas day which is just around the corner…

… but screw that! AHAH!! *ripped paper apart faster than lightening*

Actually not that fast, the package was really secured +_+ but it helped making the suspense grow. And at last, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! My dear friend had sent so many nice things to me! Some will remain secret eheh…

We tried to honour this important sweet with our mugs filled with hot green tea.

Among the wonderful things was Kkultarea, a Korean court sweet. It is a sweet candy that was once presented to the Korean kings and royalties. It is made out of of ripened honey and malt, filled with chopped nuts. The hardened honey is twisted and spun into thousand of tiny white strands to resembles a silky cobweb. The taste is sweet and chewy. It is best serve cold with hot tea.  And here’s a video showing how it’s made!

I want to see this live one day!

This tasted like nothing I ever ate before. The way the strings melt in your mouth feels like magic. I couldn’t believe this was really honey! Just Amazing. And good thing I did decide to open the package because as HwangBo explained in her letter, the expiration date was close XD! So for once, me deciding not to be a romantic fool and save it all for Christmas, was a good thing!

But my luck was far from over! I am now the proud owner of two Sengoku Basara badges done by my friend! XD And it’s Kojurou and Masamune no less!  I am going to put Masamune on my cell phone but if I suspect it will get dirty, it’s going to stay safe at home >.<

Aaah, Kojurou is shy. He can’t believe he is so good looking. ♥

But since I never got the chance to find the coin up version of Masamune, he is now really happy to see his master!

By now, with the sweets, the comic (which will remain a secret, sorry!), the heartfelt letter that really warmed me all over and these cute little badges I thought that surely, it couldn’t get any better than this. Until…

… There was this!  A cute fan with a set of colours that sweetly bring back  memories of a certain rooster that fell in love with a certain grandpa… XD It’s also something very traditional in Korea ^^ but the big surprise was waiting for me when I started to unfold it.

At this moment people around me asked if I was still breathing…

A personalized fan, unique in the whole wide world, drawn and coloured by HwangBo herself!!! I won’t go into detail of how I felt like jumping over the moon from happiness, or how deeply touched I was to receive such a personal thing and to have my friend’s brush strokes in my possession TT__TT I’m sorry, I’m really very emotional.

On the left…

… and on the right…

My friend, this is completely crazy. Honestly, I think it’s some  holy object now XD! I only complain that you drew yourself so apart >3<! But then I got to stay looking cool with Pia!

I hope this is well written: 대단히 감사합니다! Muito obrigada!! You made me feel so happy, now I understand what you felt when you received my surprise package! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and you are right, we can communicate through our hearts and art!

Heartfelt blessings for you

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