Workshops- Round two!

10 May


Like it was said before, we’ve been very busy girls… we’ll be posting about it soon but today it’s about the workshops at Museu do Oriente. We’re already at the second week, thus this post’s title and sorry, there was little time for pics on the first one so hm… let’s move along okay?

One of the classrooms that was soon filled with vict… ahem, students ready to learn!

So far Shoot To Kill presented a “Writing for Comics” and  a “Basic Drawing”  workshop.  The first one, was kind of a surprise  (since we weren’t supposed to be  presenting it!) but it was a lot of fun, especially hearing everybody’s texts. The goal was to write the script for a full comic chapter.

A simple exercise through which it was learned how an expression can be affected only by changing the eyebrows.

Demonstration on different types of folds

Demonstration of characters fully clothed. (2 different sets were presented for students to copy)

Second workshop was about  the basics in drawing in the so called “japanese” style. We strongly advised the students to pursue their own individual style but of course, nothing comes from thin air and we gave them plenty of examples and exercises. We wanted them to draw as much as possible and help them realize and correct their approach to the style. We just hope, we managed that ♥

Many parallel events happened during this weekend as well. Portuguese Cosplay Association was teaching how to take proper photographs and an “iron” cosplay contest? Oh my, do tell us more about this if you can, guys! XD And on the other side of town, our dear Mr. Pig was hosting his own event, Anicomics! We weren’t able to go until it was almost closing time but you can read all about it on Nuno’s blog. Sorry though, it’s portuguese only.

And after that,  it was time to celebrate Mr. Pig’s anniversary! Off to another dimension!

And really, it was another world.  One of the finest restaurants in Lisbon ♥♥♥ Just don’t ask the name because lately, certain memories  have been  short due to lack of sleep…

Let’s eat here next time!!

And now it’s back to another week of hard work, planning and conceptualizing  and getting ready for Beja’s Festival. X_X Love this life aha! And none would be possible without the help of NCreatures, dear Inês that is helping us at the workshops so well (and was so sweet to lend  her books about Korea), Jo and Rá that kindly opened the doors to their car and home (and other, more important doors that lead to hours of conversation and laughter)  and of course, dear Mr. Pig for letting us know such cute places for an awesome dinner do exist in little old Lisbon. To all of you, and so many more, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Ah yes and now… back to work!!


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