Imogen Heap Concert at Melkweg-Amsterdam <3

21 Mar

Salutations dear STK followers and friends! We’re so glad that for half of you it’s still Sunday eheh (since a cat and a fox said they’d be updating the blog in the weekend *ahem*)  Better late than never aye?

Blessed was the weather as last Saturday went along, getting closer and closer to the… IMMY’S CONCERT!! <3

Aah Goddess of music, forgive us for the non-stopping trigger action (Gi and Sara: trigger-happy anonymous) with the camera, but you got a great sense of revenge! No matter how we struggled to get her awesomeness on camera, sometimes she would just leave dragged ghosts on the pictures… (good for us, trying to blame her greatness and not our lack of skill…)

Immy and Willie working their magic!♥

We’re aware that probably most of you don’t know who Imogen Heap is but let’s just say she has been for us a major source of strength and inspiration throughout these years and when the chance to see her came knocking on the door, we did what we could to go watch her. Of course, since the concert was only at 20.30pm we went out for a little while to enjoy Amsterdam’s surroundings.  From Capoeira dancing troupes to pretty park scenes, we saw it all!

No doubt, it was at Melkweg <3 At the pretty Old Hall as you can see on the ticket, held with the honor of no glove despite cold.

Gi: That was very daring to have one gloveless hand…

Sara: I was afraid to let the ticket fly away when holding it lightly, so glove off!… …

Gi: Suddenly the place got a lot livelier and colourful didn’t it?

Sara: It totally did! *refraining from letting herself go with the rhythmic music*

Gi: “…I know Kung Fu…”

Statue: “…Show me…”

Sara: Homage to the great “Clown Nose Grappler”, it seems…

A gate kept us from getting closer to the pretty bandstand. Our childlike souls betrayed by a lock. Boo.

We’d like to be romantic and say “aah the time dragged on forever!” but that’s impossible and if you ever been to Amsterdam you’ll know what we mean.  One moment we were strolling in Vondelpark and scaring the resident ducks and on the next we were having dinner surrounded by passionate soccer fans at an English pancake house @_@” having anything but English food and as fast as possible since it was time to go stand in the line for the concert. The weather threatened to drench and freeze us but the vibes of the Pagan festival (just on the left side of the building) kept us warm. We apologize for the lack of pictures but we were afraid we’d get eaten alive if we tried to raise the camera.

Going early and enduring the weather paid off though. We got to chose exactly where we wanted to be since Melkweg can get crowded really fast and the concert was sold out.

An overall look of the stage.  It’s all mostly Immy’s gear. The tree was gorgeous!

Sara ↑    Feet dancing in the air,  waiting for Immy!      ↑  Gi

Before Immy came in we had the previledge of hearing two opening acts:

Habiba, straight from the tram to the stage. Here playing her huge harp!

Back Ted N-Ted after assembling the beats and roaming free on the stage!

Sara: Wow, he didn’t trip once on the many instruments on stage!

Gi: He so rocked!

The Interlude waiting for Immy was the time to update everyone’s facebook and twitter “Immy is NEXT!!”

And there she was in all her glory ♥ ♥ ♥  We love you!!!

Dressed in a very 1920’s fashion Immy strolled onto the stage where she would for the next two hours introduce us to her wonderful world of songs and what inspired her to creating them. It didn’t feel like you were watching a stranger that you admire but actually a dear friend.  She had all of us bewitched in no time. It was eerie how everybody forgot almost how to breathe.  No, we kidd you not. When she sang, no one moved.

It really was no surprise to suddenly realize that the concert was ending and we had been under her spell for that long.  She is that powerful.

That piano was beautiful and from what she said is a pain in the …head to carry it on tour. It was worth it though!!

The awesome team playing together made it sound like they’ve worked together for years! Very harmonious. Back Ted n’ Ted was… actually back for more! He played guitar and percussion  too.

We  should have brought handkerchiefs… IMMY!!! *sobs* ;A;

The really cool detail: see that little black mark on her wrist? It’s a mic! As we were told so proudly.

And on the other wrist? Another mic! It caught her clever and original sounds perfectly!

Immy displaying her versatility  in full throttle!

You can’t see it here, but she’s wearing sunglasses! It was the cherry in the cake with the whole pose and stylish playing heheh.

The (fake) parting moment.

And thank you Immy!! You didn’t lie to us!! When we reached the last music, as she left the stage she signaled she was coming back for the Encore! How awesome is that!! Heheh! Beautiful and totally worth it, from beginning until the very (true) end.

Sara: My tears are freezing but I don’t care!

Gi: That’s not the only thing freezing over here!

Then facing the cold night with a huge smile and a heart filled to the max with a good music and beats. It was an awesome feeling to finally see Imogen Heap live and the hope that we can soon watch her live again doubles as each day goes by since then!

If you are indeed curious of whom Imogen Heap might be, please visit her officialwebsite at:



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6 responses to “Imogen Heap Concert at Melkweg-Amsterdam <3

  1. concert tickets

    March 22, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Lucky you i am sure it was a great concert.

  2. Gi

    March 23, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Thank you so much! It really was ^___^

  3. Diogo Semedo

    April 2, 2010 at 12:14 AM

    Eh, lá…a Imogen Heap existe mesmo?!!! Vou conhecendo pequenas músicas dela nas minhas séries favoritas (Six Feet Under,O.C.,Veronica Mars) e sempre pensei que fosse um ser mitológico de alguma lenda nórdica. obrigado por me confirmarem que afinal ela existe.

    Não foi loucura o que vocês fizeram, eu já fiz o mesmo para ver Melissa Auf der Maur eu apenas me desviei alguns Kms (foi só uma ida até Gdansk na Polónia).

    Estou a terminar de ler o Fórmula 2 com as vossas cores. Apesar de ter sido pintado a 10 mãos trabalharam como um único. Parabéns.

  4. Gi

    April 5, 2010 at 10:50 AM

    Eh lá Diogo! Não nos venhas dizer coisas dessas! Então não haveria de existir? A primeira música que ouvimos dela foi uma cover colocada nos créditos do Shrek 2 e nessa altura ela andava por aí sob o nome de Frou Frou.
    É bom saber que te confirmámos a existência desta senhora/menina (que ela ainda mal tem os 30 feitos) Aaaaah então também deves saber como é receber olhares estranhos das pessoas quando dizes que vais a um concerto noutro país! Eheheh.

    Estás a ler a Fórmula? Será que a Gisela te viu por lá?

    Obrigada da nossa parte, realmente foi um desafio conjugar as cores todas, algo que o senhor Mário Freitas teve umas dorezinhas de cabeça…

    Oops este comentário tá enorme. Obrigada pela visita e até sempre!!!


    April 19, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    Imogen Heap is more than average, so concert should be great.

  6. Gi

    April 27, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    You bet. She’s amazing.


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