FIBDA 2009 – Another year, another experience!

10 Nov

No, you’re not dreaming nor blind. We’re…  here!!!And guess what, back in awesome style with a wonderful, enormous, emotional, sensational…



We just can’t believe it. Where did these last months go!?  This can’t be good, are we turning into old ladies this soon? Jeez…  no way! Time to shape up STK!  So, what happened lately? Oh… among a lot of things, we got our little noses slammed against another Comic Festival – FIBDA! And what do you know, it’s our 3rd year participating in a row. We don’t deserve it really! But this year really felt like the cherry on top of the cake. Weeelll almost like that.

You see, since we were smaller, we’ve been dreaming of having an exhibition of our own on FIBDA and this year, it came true! But we’re seriously getting ahead of ourselves here.


This year the event celebrated its 20th birthday and there were some pretty amazing exhibitions around! The lingering feeling though,  is how we wished there had been even more! FIBDA needs to sink its teeth even deeper into the comic scene! We’re gonna spare you from a lot of pictures (Gi took about 400…tehee) but please bare with us a little and in case you had forgotten, yes this is a blog belonging to a female team and thus..



Ehehe… thank you Mr. Emmanuel Lepage for this gorgeous piece of art. It’s impossible not to sigh at this.  FIBDA was all about you for us this year!  But ahem…onwards.  The reason why we are not going to post many pictures is because soon we will be giving you links to some wonderful artists Gi met and they themselves have looads of images (some even equal to the ones we snapped! Good to see we have some identical tastes XD) for you to admire!

Our visit to FIBDA this year was only possible because of the NCreatures crew, Ricardo and Mapril. They had spoken to us about it but quite frankly we didn’t had any idea about what was expecting us there.  Sadly, Sara couldn’t come to the event this year but at least she escaped the overwhelming shock of finding … these on the walls of Portugal’s biggest comic event.



Oh Lordy… these be very old!

These were ordered to us by NCreatures a long long loong time ago. They sure brought back memories and the strength to keep burning the midnight oil only this time towards a real manga. But maybe we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. Back to the expo!



Just across the wall where our humble work was hanging, Sweden was the pride and glory of the exhibition! Lots of jaws dropped open, ours included.. especially Gi’s when she found out she was 30 minutes away from participating in a debate with the two main members of the studio, Kafja and Yosh who were btw, extremely nice!! TTATT dear god, why so niceee. Gi just melted… she still is and it’s not a pretty sight.

003_fHardly a good shot, but there they are! Yosh and Kafja being harassed by a big man with a camera… tut tut…

Time was not on anybody’s side so we hardly had time to talk but when there’s emotion and fierceness in your work, there’s friendship and recognition of efforts and hopes.  Please pay them a visit on their blog and website! They are wonderful artists!!




We actually met Natalia some years back in a manga event in Ourém! At that time we were launching our Go Go #2. She was on vacations in Portugal and decided to come pay a visit to the event and what do you know, she found a cat and a fox selling doujinshi! NCreatures had been editing one of her earlier works but now has taken the step to represent her and managed to bring her back to Portugal to participate in FIBDA as well! Sadly, we didn’t catch any pic of her lovely face TTATT and she is really lovely just like her artwork which is deeply emotional and full of strength. Gi bought one of her comics on the spot whose originals were proudly on display (points up) and even had the chance to get a very cute and steamy autograph! XD *drool*

But what else happened? 005_fThanks to Mr. Ricardo…

004_f… and Mr. Mapril…

Gi got the chance to do the next few things:


1: Rip a lot of paper thanks to her accursed bracelet… and sign autographs too!


2: Lust after popcorn she couldn’t eat


3: Fail miserably to snap a pic of Manuela…(I’ll get you next time!)


4: Fail even more miserably to warn Mário Freitas that maybe he should run away very fast…(dang, we lose so many editors like this…)


5:  Slap a motivational high five with Miyuki cuz she just rocks! (the little keychains are her own work and Gi is now the proud owner of two of those babies!)

All in all, it was three magical weekends, filled with love and friendship. We don’t care how corny this sounds because it’s true.  FIBDA has the particularity of recharging our batteries and making us understand that there are no limits to  dreams except those you create yourself. Too filosophical? Well, maybe it’s because it’s almost 2 am…all we know is, next year is going to be even better! That’s how it has been for the last three, why should it stop? ^___^ To all our friends, old and new, let’s fight, fight, FIGHT!!!


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2 responses to “FIBDA 2009 – Another year, another experience!

  1. KB

    November 25, 2009 at 9:02 PM

    It was indeed quite an interesting week(s), dear Gi-chan. *nods nods* ^^

    The popcorn was good, the cotton-candy too, the people very nice, the exposition refreshing (and so was the rain), the place totally crowded and your fans stal… erm, joyfully dancing around you. X3

    Sadly, had no chance to ask you for a drawing… *snifs* Well, hope to see you soon. Ganbatte!

    PS: OMG! That must be the coolest photo(s) of me in many many years… totally saving it! Oh, and I shall keep hiding my face. X3

  2. Gi

    November 25, 2009 at 9:08 PM

    You are so nuts, Killa-Bunnay ;A; You were pretty crowded yourself and hehe, I respect ya that’s why I didn’t put your face, no …no… I want you incognito so you can still commit perfect crimesss +w+

    AAAH! ;A; I’ll make one for you!! Just say what you want! If it’s x-rated leave me a msg on msn or mail XDDDD

    *hugs you with looveee*


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