Speed is the queen

26 Aug


One thing we all learn when working for gaming industry and other forms of entertainment which me and Sara do, is that speed is everything.  We’ve read a lot about it before and heard it from many other people but we never realized it until we experienced it for ourselves. Time is money and people hate to spend too much. Especially when the companies in your country are small.

As for me, I’m finally entering the world of what I call shapeless drawing XD I know there’s some other name out there but please indulge me here. What I basically do is apply some large areas of colour into the canvas and shape those into what I want. I never tried this before because I was never too good at going abstract but now, it’s coming to me naturally and it’s a great help. It’s especially wonderful to sketch over even and I’ll place an example here soon enough. Cheers!


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2 responses to “Speed is the queen

  1. pokemew

    October 8, 2009 at 7:45 PM

    GOD long LONG LONG time I didn’t come here! Sorry! T_T
    Hope everything is well with you guys and happy (ver lae) Bday Gi <3
    Yeah, I love doing that kind of drawings, is much fun! Even thought most of the ones I do are just fast drawings and is too bored to finish them ahah

    Neste momento dedico-me a fazer cartoons (em estilo pseudo chibi pseudo cartoon) dos MUSE e sketches/ilustraçao normal (cujo o estilo é mistura de manga com comic style, ja que tambem gosto de comic style as vezes). Parei um pouco na BD, apesar de ir começar a fazer uma (e não é manga) em estilo humoristico sobre um 'cava, boi ou touro ou sei-lá-o-quê' hitler. Vai ser uma historia humoristica mas ao mesmo tempo seria sobre uma especia de hitler e tal ^^

  2. shoottokill

    October 25, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    Poke-chaaan! Omg it’s been ages! Well yeah we’ve been seriously busy and gods, we’re almost letting this place die!!No can do1 We’ll revive it!!

    Como é que tás? Participaste no Fibda este ano tb? Man não importa o que desenhas o que importa é não parares! Fiquei com curiosidade, vais meter alguma coisa online em breve? Tenho de ver se te apanho no msn ;A; mas nem para o msn tenho tempooo!!!

    *hugs tight* Continua assim melher!!! Não páres!!!


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