Happy New Year 2009! 11-01-09 -pretty date to wish it like any other♥

11 Jan

Hey Everyone, Sara here!! (oh my gods… yes, it’s me, I didn’t fall into a canal or anything… …yet! o_o”)

So it seems like a brand New Year is poking our backs to get a move on to do the wonderful things we’re all supposed to accomplish this year, right?!

*hears utter silence*

… Well… At least we can try with all our might to go and get what we set our minds to achieve, am I right?…  …erm… Right?…

Straight from the refreshing cold that keeps rising and biting our sensitive noses and toes, we want to wish you all a wonderful New Year!! May all your wishes and ambitions be fulfilled just as long as it’s the best thing to happen for you and the people you love♥♥♥

Starting the year with some colorful entry. Done some while ago, but there’s no better time than now to show it, as they(?) usually say :3


↑↑↑  Click her to see the full version! ↑↑↑  ♫

And as a new proud owner I can’t avoid mentioning my new baby, Canon 450D ( = lust and love). It was my own gift to myself, since Christmas and New Year season can go to the category of “could’ve been better although it had it’s good points”, there’s no better way to get over it than to give yourself something you’ve been lurking for a long while, so tadah!♥


And since I’m striving to take the hang of it again, I’m flooding this post with photos




My kitty cats also wish you a good start into this year!! (yes, yes… Girly and lame, but I can’t help loving them sho much!!♥♥♥)

meeaHyperactive Miss Meea

img_0647Lazy Gentlecat Ogum

YOSH!! Let’s make this year worth it!!

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One response to “Happy New Year 2009! 11-01-09 -pretty date to wish it like any other♥

  1. Gi

    January 11, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    Hurray for you savior of the blog! XD And Happy New Year All!!!


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