This was… Aveiro Workshop!

09 Dec

h man, I’m utterly the worst.  It’s been almost three weeks since I went to Aveiro and… and… I DIDN’T POST ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! AAAAAH! Kill me now! Ahem… and why the heck did I go to Aveiro you ask? What the heck is Aveiro you ask further? Time to find out in another amazing, delicious, totally out of date…


Well as many of you are wondering, Aveiro is a place, eheh.

About a month or so ago, Ricardo from Ncreatures invited me to participate on a small project of his which involved  giving  workshops concerning comic techniques based on asian styles. I took up the challenge and so, for two very bright days,  I worked with these wonderful kids (and not just kids!) who slowly opened up to the delightful world of drawing comics. (oh the drama fills my words!)  Well, setbacks aside it all went very smoothly and gosh, I felt so, so proud. So, without further ado,  here’s the works the guys did ;__; you ROCK! Just click on the images to see each on its respective right size, ok? They are small I know, but if anyone wants to see a bigger size please feel free to say so!

All images are of the responsability and property of their owners, please do not steal them.

And now if you’ll excuse me, a few words in Portuguese…

Realmente demorei imenso tempo a colocar este post online… as minhas desculpas mais uma vez! Mas queria deixar aqui expressa, pelo menos enquanto a wordpress não for abaixo ;D, a minha alegria e satisfação de ter podido conhecer um grupo tão cheio de talento e com vontade de aprender como vocês foram meus caros alunos! Ahaha, fica estranho dizer isto. Vocês são cheios de talento e espero que não se esqueçam disso nunca porque se continuarem a praticar, vão desenhar cada vez melhor! Tudo de bom para vocês e muito obrigada por me terem dado a chance de passar dois dias maravilhosos na vossa companhia. Agora força com isso!!! XD

And one final thanks to you Ricardo, it was really fun, my friend!

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