Ragnarok Online: Scribbling your stress away

31 Oct

Wow.  There’s no way around it, we really are unable to keep this place properly “orz. Maybe soon it will change? Hope so. Now for some random babble.

For as long as I remember, my sketches have always been messy. Some more than others, but mainly because I get excited about the concept, I always make a bloody mess. Lately I realized that also happens as a stress relief “orz. Nothing makes me happier to just fill a page of insane and hard scribbles.

Ah Osidian… it’s  been a while, heh?

Second thing I realized while talking to dear Hanabi, was that no matter how out of inspiration we may find ourselves, thinking about Ragnarok will bring it back just like that! I wonder if the game puts a spell on you or something but the truth is, I’ve been playing it since 2003 and haven’t stopped ever since +_+. The designs, the world… but mostly the friends I’ve made and the stories we created together help keep the game fresh and interesting no matter what!

Well, and it was indeed my first mmorpg so, it has its own specil place in my heart too.

Osi is ready for action!

Work is cruel and I can’t draw that much in the end… though I bought two new sketchbooks to fill with insanity when I’m on the train or waiting for breakfast at the coffee shop.  There’s nothing quite like new untarnished sketchbooks, is there +_+…

In the meanwhile I did sketch this Osidian, and will be adding more characters, depends on the mood. Might change his arms a bit more, make his cape bigger… <– hah, writing this so I won’t forget ♪ ♪ ♪ Who would ever think I’d fall for knights so much xD Argh, I think I love every class in the game, even the silly fat male merchants!

And enough rambling…

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