Saturday Serenity & Surprises!

05 Oct

Hy everyone!

It’s been so hectic lately, both for me and Sara. Our work claims all our energies and it’s been really hard to keep updating. I hope you can forgive us as we ask you not to forget us and come for a visit once in a while ^_^ Which by the way, we can see you have! Thank you so much!

Well yesterday was my first free Saturday in a long LONG time. Mr. Pig needed to meet with me to give me more work as FIBDA 2008 is almost around the corner. So I decided to kill two rabbits with one stone (sorry for the pun, D-chan!) and meet with D for lunch and a walk and afterward head for Kingpin Headquarters.

And to this fox’s surprise and her bunny companion, this was what we saw on our way to the restaurant:


Yeah, on such a perfect sunny day, the ambiance felt magic with this orchestra tuning up and getting ready to play. The initiative was being held in many other plazas in Lisbon; loads of orchestras everywhere!

I play the flute and Sara the piano so these things get to us.

Still going around relax and.. WHO is that!?

Beautified effects on! Oh Lord this man was sooo stylish! He seemed right out of a Nodame Cantabile chapter! Gyaaah! Oh if I didn’t have to go have lunch I think I would still be there drooling!


Ah the good mood was on now! Lunch was delicious with a touch of chocolate mint icecream and then, just for kicks I went to a nearby comic shop and… YESSSSSS!!!!

Apple’s artbook!!!! Thank you god!!! I just squealed right there (much to D’s amusement) and snatched it from it’s shelf) Why you ask? Because among such wonderful artists the work of my dear friend Hye-lim is present!!!

(Sara: next time let’s check prices first, I got it way before hand and almost for free when comparing… silly kitsune…)

We spoke about this months back and she told me there was going to be an international version but never in my wildest dreams I imagined it would be on sale on my country!!! Thank you Portugal, you’re not as retarded as you used to be!!! <– what a mean thing to say… “orz Of course me and Sara know that Hye-lim is a great star but to find her work reaching our little country too just makes our hearts swell with pride!!! This is now the most precious artbook in my collection!!!

But there was still one last surprise!!! Not just Hye-lim’s work… but Jiru’s wonderful comic was there!! AHHH!!! My poor heart can’t take all this excitement!!! ;___;!!! Dear Jiru, such happiness! To not only see your comic but to be able to finally read your words! I just hope the translation was faithful to your ideas! And now I can’t wait to see the rest! >//////////<

It was just too great. Really too great. This Saturday felt truthfully like a blessing and recharged my batteries.

Dear friends, congratulations and keep aiming towards your goals!!!


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5 responses to “Saturday Serenity & Surprises!

  1. pokemew

    October 5, 2008 at 2:57 PM

    long time no commented in here ._.;

    ahaha its good to know that this saturday was so good for you <3 eheh

    And don’t worry about the updates, we know you and Sara are busy <3

  2. Gi

    October 5, 2008 at 3:18 PM

    Pokechan!!! Looong time no see ;_;
    It was really nice ahaha, and it feels good to finally write on this bloody blog XD! Hope Sara will get the time soon too…


    I’m going to post your lovely b-day drawing soon ;__; Work is so evil… but it’s my next post!


  3. yuugi

    October 6, 2008 at 3:56 PM

    Wow that dude looks like Stressman o.o!

  4. Gi

    October 6, 2008 at 4:35 PM

    I never saw anyone with hair like that o_o

  5. yuugi

    October 7, 2008 at 8:32 AM

    you see plenty here in Finland,it’s what light blonde hair turns to when you’re old.


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