Ragnarok Online – How many characters?

17 Aug

Woo, still on the RO theme here. Me and Sara have so many bloody characters, it’s not even funny. So lately we’ve been wondering about giving some meaning to all our stupid boys and girls +_+… maybe we should open another blog just for the RO stuff *wonders* …

I want time to finish this! Got it at Deviantart, it’s too funny to let it slip by and was the reason I realized just how engrossed I am by this game… can’t believe I have these much male characters and yes be frightened, they are all playable XD… or they were at some point. No time to play as much as before so some are still waiting to be created. And once again yes, they are all male +_+.

1: Reijah Zhived (a wonderful Hunter ♥)

2: Bhura Farulfr (a crazy Rogue)

3: Leonidas Berith ( a sexy, sexy Priest)

4: Nefi Edmundr (a fire maniac Wizard)

5: Osidian Sorel (a speedy Knight, both with swords and words XD)

6: Mungan Eimmailin ( a stoic Assassin Cross with the patience of a saint)

7: Fleinn Darkstream (a sweet diligent Alchemist)

8: Odal Arsalan ( a Whitemith too full of himself)

9: Kaisie Blauvelt ( a wise Bard )

10: Ludwig Amiel ( a mysterious Professor who links all their destinies)

And to think I actually know the meaning of all their names… *scary*

The game makes you draw many situations that could happen but I’m currently not even half way through >_< dammit I’m slow!

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