IV Festival Internacional de BD de Beja Revealed! XD

12 May

And thus it started. Again this year, Beja becomes the comic capital here in Portugal! So get ready and be warned, this is going to be one heavy post because it’s time for another…

It was one year ago that we participated on Beja’s international comic Festival for the first time. Little would we know that we would participate again this year, especially apart. Yes, sadly so Sara is in Holland and couldn’t join the festivities. It completely sucked not having you there, sorry if it’s selfish to complain so much… >_<” So without further ado… let’s show you the goods! ★

How creepy is this?

Ahem… so before we start, there’s some things we need to tell about Beja. It has wonderful places and also loads of religious art stuff. Some of the galleries were placed among such places which gave off a very eerie feeling x_x!

The ambiance totally fitted the art on display

But it’s too creepy! Geh!

On the main building of the event things were a lot less grim and the line up of artists was very impressive! lots of different styles, just wonderful! We’re really sorry for not being able to show them all! Please be on the look out as some of the pictures have links to a bigger version! ♥

Here are some random artists that caught the eye!

There were bigger displays too and again sorry for not showing them all. The first one was Gipi from Italy. The watercolours were vibrant and absolutely gorgeous… *in awe*

Next, a fellow countryman, Filipe Andrade *-* His character design and inking is just fabulous, indeed he must be one of the best in our country, plus he can make really sexy looking men! XD So of course we are big fans now ahaha! Just check it out!

Check out the guy with the goggles! Pure love!

Hm… if this wasn’t protected by glass…

And we saved the best for last. The gilded star of the Festival this year was none other Dave McKean. Mr. McKean works with all sorts of different materials which makes his work that of not only an illustrator but of a real craftsman. The exhibition also featured many illustrations in beautiful black and white, all in that haunting beauty that distinguishes his style. The lights weren’t kind to my camera though, it was hard to get good photos and none exposing the real greatness of the works on display…

So it doesn’t show at all but this is actually layered paper glued together! Mr. McKean works with collages with frightening skill! Search for his works online, you won’t regret it at all!

It was two days of comic absorption and wild parties! Too bad we were all pretty tired (except for Mr. Pig, where do you find your energy, boss!?) and didn’t partake in all the celebrations… The event will last for the next couple of weeks so, if you’re around Portugal, most precisely Beja, don’t forget to go take a look at the expo!


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4 responses to “IV Festival Internacional de BD de Beja Revealed! XD

  1. yuugi

    May 13, 2008 at 4:50 PM

    Looked fun, except i don’t get it why it’s in a church o.O?! Doesn’t really seem fitting haha XD;

  2. Gi

    May 13, 2008 at 5:43 PM

    They spread the exhibitions through the city but the main one is on the comic’s library thing (bdteca). That church place was really creepy *brrr* They had this virgin Mary that looked hairless and cadaverous >_<“…

  3. Rufus

    March 9, 2009 at 10:54 AM

    looks like a great festival. some fabulous work up there too!

  4. Gi

    March 10, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    We’re too honored by the visit, we are! Thank you and yes it was a great event. =D


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