Taiko at FIL 2008 – Working with Japan’s Embassy!

20 Jan

We’ve been, bad, bad girls…

First of, we didn’t warn anyone about this event but trust us, just getting our gear ready cost us all the time we had ^^” So get ready, sit properly because it’s time for another wonderful, enthusiastic …


By now, you are asking yourselves: “What the heck is FIL?” and in the case you know what it is you are surely wondering “What the heck are illustrators doing there!?”. Ok let us answer both. FIL stands for Feira Internacional de Lisboa (loose translation: International Fair of Lisbon”. It’s a place where all sort of conventions go on, the most famous one being the tourism fair that happens once a year.


Gi: Going to work tralala…

Sara: … *mutter* we gotta be on time, we gotta be on time…

You know how these work. Lots of stands, hundreds of countries, all trying to do the same: convince you to go and visit and spend your money on them XD. Well, also it’s a nice way to learn about different cultures and watch numerous activities. So since last year, the Japanese Ambassador has been hiring us to participate in the activities at Japan’s stand (we’ve known from truthful sources that he likes anime *smirk*); representing one of the most outgrowing cultural aspect being exported to the west: anime and manga.


So here’s a peek of what we’ve been doing there! One of us colours a manga like illustration while the other offers drawings that can range from popular anime/manga characters (Gi: as long as we remember them… so sorry for not drawing Ichigo right today >_<), to actual recreations of people in manga style *sweatdrop* those are priceless, really and make us cry… (Sara: Please not a portrait…please! Ah dammit.)
We’ve been at FIL for the past two days, tomorrow Sunday will be our last for this year :D Above are the illustrations we made (one per day) with the one we’ll be colouring tomorrow in the middle! Also, we take turns. One day it’s the fox, the other day is the cat and back to the fox and so on and on…

Here’s some FIL randomness!!!


Gi: Silent Hill eat your heart out! (courtesy of Sara)

Sara: Must take more photos… *_*


Gi: Here’s Fil’s entrance! Looks so pretty in photo…

Sara: Back again! Did you missed us?


Gi: Waiting for Mr. Wakaeda to come pick us at the entrance of Pavillion 3… it’s freezing!!!

Sara: We gotta be on … We’re on time!


Oh, thank you Maria João for explaining this one. Apart from looking funny (sorry Brits, he does! XD Respect.), this gent carries that trolley to pick up informative pamphlets and such other paraphernalia he needs for his work. There’s really loads to pick up so that is the best way. Now, what’s not so great is 50 year old ladies imitating them with shopping bags on wheels and just wanting whatever they can nab at the stands… *both sweatdrop* we wonder if it’s the same in other countries.

Enough of our randomness? Ok, so let’s go back to Japanese affairs!

As our time was up, we were asked if we wanted to stay and watch the Taiko show that was going to start soon enough. Of course we did, and we managed to get the best seats in the house! Front row, right in the middle and… sitting down on the carpet XD! But oh, it was so worthy and we hope the pics will show you why! As the music started and the performers came in, we were close enough to feel their burning auras! We aren’t exaggerating. Really.



It was like a dream and this man right here ↑ was the best. Totally the best. There’s no way around it. We had hardly seen Taiko live and certainly not this close. It was enough to make our blood boil and we weren’t the only ones. Everybody was mesmerized and taken by the rhythm. Taiko has a very strong and primordial strength, much like a heartbeat. Soothing or thunderous. We were in a different world.

What’s more admirable about this group is that they all do this for a hobby, not for a living. You can’t make profit out of Taiko. They either study or work and practice as leisure.


Also, it’s a family thing! There was a father and his children performing, the youngest (and we got to say the most popular among the crowd) was 9 years old. Very cool – he had started playing when he was only 3.

And the best thing about seeing this live is that you can experiment new… happenings. See that little piece of wood on the floor? That used to be one of the drumming sticks. Watch the next vid carefully and you’ll see when it went flying XD!

We’re sure it’s a common thing but for us little naive girls that know nothing of the Taiko world… it scared us o_O”
Such strength…
Out of their happis (festive coats), the show went on at an impressive beat. Here’s another member that won our admiration. They all did actually but he stood out too because the big Taiko in the middle was made by him. No wonder he had such wonderful muscles heh… *giggle* Oh marry us <3 PLEASE!
RAWR!!! Abs of steel!
And before we knew… they were already on their last act *sob*
Gi: No… where are you going ;_;?
Sara: No, please, come back! ;_;
And they were gone leaving everybody breathless and *don’t laugh* powered up. It’s true, Taiko has a strong energy and can lift your spirits. We felt like we had ants nibbling on our fingers. Just as we said goodbye to the Embassy people we felt like skipping our way to the restaurant XD!
And yes, we are big fools, shy fools because we didn’t dare ask for an autograph. >////< No way!
Oh dear, it’s a record folks, our biggest post ever o_O” are you still there? Then brace yourselves cuz we still got tomorrow! MWAHAHAHAH! Hmn, due to the time we spent on this post and due to the fact we have to get up in a couple of hours… we’ll be tame as newborn kitties XD! So next time, if there’s a Taiko show near you don’t miss it for anything in the world! You won’t regret it!!!
PS: Sorry for the lousy editing, but WordPress flipped. >_< damned evil code that went rabid. We’ll try and edit decently tomorrow. *both bow*

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2 responses to “Taiko at FIL 2008 – Working with Japan’s Embassy!

  1. yuugi

    January 20, 2008 at 2:15 PM

    Ganbatte! You girls are so busy i am so proud of you :3!

  2. shoottokill

    January 21, 2008 at 3:44 AM

    Gyah thank you Yuugi!!! It went well and now it’s over, more next year we hope! =_= we’re so tired… *both collapse*


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