Mayhem: The making of an article…

28 Oct

Oh my it certainly has passed a ton of time since we last updated here! So be careful, because we are going to over compensate for it!

It hasn’t been a piece of cake for us. One moment we are finishing the C.A.O.S. book, on the next the phone rings and there is someone called Bruno Mateus at the phone showing his interest about interviewing us for a magazine called Domingo affiliated to Correio da Manhã, a national newspaper. Yes, Bruno was a journalist and yes, we were ecstatic. We weren’t just so keen on accepting that there would be the need to take photos *shiver*…

Well, interviews aside -we blabbed like mad- Bruno and João Rodrigues (the photographer) were wonderful people and we had a blast. Seriously, it was heaven. They were eager to listen and we were eager to talk ^^” At the end, Bruno explained us what he was trying to come up with for the article and asked us if we could draw some manga panels for the magazine. Of course we said yes, but inwardly we were a little… panicky. You see, Bruno wanted our work ready on wednesday so we sort of only had one day to write, plan, draw and tone. Here, we wish to show you some of the process on creating those panels…



This was Gi’s panels; it’s nothing in particular, Bruno asked for these to illustrate a type of manga well known out there… *sweatdrop* He wanted us to work on something that could illustrate “ecchiness”. Don’t start wolf-whistling people, it wasn’t anything overly perverted XD We only had a guy peeking on an undressing girl!


Sara’s panels are actually a full manga page from our upcoming project “3.3.3. Toques” literally meaning in English “3.3.3. Touches”. Bruno asked us for it after hearing about the story, and hey, nothing like going national wide with a teaser, heh? >/////< Of course we asked permission from one of our future editors, NCreatures. We be good girls.


Some hours later, but with still fired up spirits we started multitasking: Sara inking the full page, Gi toning digitally the Ecchi thing… geh.



Yay! Inking done! This was the part however we started stressing slightly… time flew by and we had already received a phone call asking if we had the work done. It was wednesday night…heheheh…heh…. SPEED UP!



This you see here was done at our very last limits… it was 4 am (and still half toning and lettering to go)… but it was already becoming something we agreed to be good and we couldn’t wait to just have it done and sleep ;_;!

Finally it was done and ready to send!… no it wasn’t. One last check and we found out one typo. Egad! Back to the image editors we went and at long last the documents were compressed and sent for Bruno. The article and the images would feature today on the magazine! Huh? You’re wondering where those are? Hmn… don’t tell us you didn’t buy a copy of itXD

But because we know most of you are from outside Portugal, hold on a minute, we’ll put the pics on a next post, ok? Just hang on tight!

This was a wonderful even if stressful experience and we are very happy with the result. We are just a bit sad we didn’t have much time to come up with something better… but indeed we are happy!

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