Event time, here we go ★!

25 Jul

Otakawa 2007, a humble event going on ^_^ We’re very happy to participate possibly with NCreatures and most definitely with Mário from KingPin. Maybe some new Piggie surprises for everybody! We’ll also be meeting up with Dk and his posse xD! So please forgive us, we’ll try and keep you posted as much as we can. One thing is promised: another superb STK report on the event and a ton of pics! Keep posted everyone! We’re counting on you!


Posted by on July 25, 2007 in art, Concept, Events, life, Random Madness


2 responses to “Event time, here we go ★!

  1. Lumy

    July 30, 2007 at 12:17 AM

    Yo! Lumy-chan here! Remember me??? ;) Guess who… One clue… Pretear!!! ^^ Promissed I’d check on you little site, didn’t I? God, this place is HUUUUGE!!!! Nice job, minna! ^^
    Otokawa went by so fast… Ah! I want more Go Go!!!! *Go Go fangirl, hurray!!!* -_-‘

    Well, I said hi and now I’m gonna go look around some more. Bye Bye!!!

  2. shoottokill

    July 30, 2007 at 1:18 AM

    Of course we do! Hello Lumy! We’re so happy you came by to visit us!
    Yeah Otakawa was really short and all that heat was blocking any rational thoughts >_<”
    We’ll be putting up news about the Go Go’s soon so please come back and check, ok? Bye bye!!


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