Some news and inking tips

26 Apr

Today was the day we finally manage a date to deliver the drawings to the exhibition in Beja. I was kind of nervous which resulted in some interesting verbalizations and articulations over the phone but all is well and tomorrow we’ll be giving our work to the men in charge. In the meanwhile I got to ink Grima, first roud. I used nibs again and was settled on taking pics to make a tutorial but in the middle of it my eyes started spinning. To make a proper tutorial, there is the need of time and previous planning. Some things I can say to you right now though. 1: The way you hold your pen is the most essential thing. If you bend your hand over the paper, forcing the weight of your hand onto the paper sheet you’re in for serious trouble aka ink blotches and yes, scratched paper. 2: Movements should not come from your hand but mostly from your wrist and arm. 3: Beware of impatience: make sure the ink dried up before moving onto erasing the pencil sketch (in case you are inking on the original). I scanned this phase of the drawing because as it is now it’s acceptable and nice if I plan on colouring because the lines are nice and thin. But I’m going to keep working on it now as my intent is to actually tone it. Grima seems a little lonely though so I’m thinking about drawing her a little friend *inserts evil chuckle*

*** Gi


Posted by on April 26, 2007 in art, Games, Ragnarok Online


2 responses to “Some news and inking tips

  1. yuugi

    April 26, 2007 at 1:41 PM

    I think you are nuts about using those pens. I think the tips you just said is Allllll i do when i ink things. I’m staying away from those pens D:! (But i wanna see this toned, i really like the result so far)

    OH and of course, good luck in Beja XD! (nunca estive lá)

  2. Gi

    April 26, 2007 at 10:57 PM

    Everybody works with what they feel the most comfortable with, right? Thanks for the support, we’ll try to take loads of pictures ^_~


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