Tales of Symphonia the OAV!

15 Mar

We couldn’t go by without telling you guys about the new OAV that will hit the streets this year : Tales of Symphonia! Tales is one of the most popular rpg sagas from NAMCO, and one we’ve enjoyed since the earlier super nintendo game: Tales of Phantasia. The plot is far from simple although you will always find yourself thinking “now where have I seen this before…” but the characters are absolutely irresistible! Our advice? Go out there and buy the game, you won’t regret it!

And now we can’t wait to have the animation. It seems this first one will focus on Loyd’s departure and first travells with the Sage brothers, Collete and the irresistible Kratos.

TOS has a special place in our hearts, after all it featured in our first Go Go fanzine: Games a Go Go. The story was just plotless slapstick comedy, with the main cast acting silly -like always- . As soon as we open the site we’ll be sure to leave a few sample pages for you all to see! ♥

For now here’s the link for the OAV’s official site! Go Colette!!!

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Posted by on March 15, 2007 in Anime, Go Go, Tales of Symphonia


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