Birthday pressie for Yuugi

13 Mar

Wah today’s a busy day! Finally finished inking for now, hands and elbows are cleaned :D

And before the day ends I want to leave here a present to an old friend Yuugi, because it’s her birthday today. It’s just a doodle but was made from the heart, Cat ^_^ Still recognise her? I kinda made her from what I recalled x_x… so my apologies if some details are far from being correct (maybe that’s why I made a chibi XD?) Either way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Posted by on March 13, 2007 in Events, Random Madness


One response to “Birthday pressie for Yuugi

  1. yuugi

    March 13, 2007 at 9:11 AM

    Thanks so much Gi T3T! You still remember Yuugi after all these years XD! Everything is right except you have her a preetier skirt and tail :D!

    Thanks so much T3T!!


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