Silkroad Online

12 Mar

Gi here!

Well, we’re still pretty much stressing over the manga we’re making at the moment. And what’s the best thing to do when you a: don’t have muh time B: you’re tired and need to sleep asap, ? You get addicted into a new mmorpg of course, Silkroad Online! Well, not exactly addicted mainly because I really didn’t have much time yet and like all games I get myself into I like to read a bit about it and get around knowing the npc’s (when it’s something rpg related) and that’s what I’m doing right now. But boy oh boy is this game ever the most gorgeous thing I ever seen. The scenery is just so dreamy, and although I have only seen one of the cities, it already got me dazzled. Plus you get to make cool characters from tons of races. But the bad part is you can’t costumize hair nor eyes nor skin -_- just build, clothes and race among other things that really can’t distinguish you from the rest of the people… but I found out that’s not even important because Silkroad has so much to offer… if you get in and survive the lag.

Currently making a bow char. I love archers and the like, I always play hunter in Ragnarok ^^” But I can’t help feeling guilty because I should be either resting or working…


Posted by on March 12, 2007 in art, RPG


2 responses to “Silkroad Online

  1. yuugi

    March 12, 2007 at 3:27 PM

    I tried this game out for a bit, but i can’t stand korean rpg’s anymore haha x_X. Not after playing games with huge content like FFXI. I mean sure the graphics are good(see Lineage II or Granado Espada) but the fact that you can’t costumize your characters sucks, and the fact that it’s all mindless monster bashing X_x.

    Lovely sketch though, i like the eyepatch and the spiky hair.

    PS: A little entertainment doesn’t kill anyone :P

  2. shoottokill

    March 12, 2007 at 3:55 PM


    I don’t think there’s a comparison point, really, it all depends in what you’re seeking in a game online and what amount of time and money you’re willing to spend. Costumization is a plus like I said, but Silk holds up pretty good even without it and it’s so much better than Mabinogi still *erg*. Content wise I don’t know I played 4 hours so far .__.

    Eeheh that’s my char, Murong. He’s a proud…lv 9! *sweatdrop*

    Thanks for the support Yuugi ^__^


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