16 Feb

So what else does Shoot to Kill does? We do doujinshi of course! And exactly what is that, some of you might be wondering? It’s when you create a story and art based on existing characters and put them together in a comic book. When we decided to go forth with our projects it came to mind that we should at least once try to make a doujinshi book and what do you know, we’ve managed 3 so far under the name “a Go Go”.Each little book (28 pages only) features a theme and then we draw stories and characters that fit that subject. Goku here, from Gensomaden Saiyuki featured on Shounen a Go Go. He’s always very cheerful and naïve but that doesn’t stop him from thrashing the not so occasional baddie. XD

Well, back to work…

And a special head’s up to Milchstrasse, she hasn’t updated her website (what am I saying, at least she has a site -_-“) but her blog has amazingly cute drawings *_* Milchmooon you rock!


*** Gi

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Posted by on February 16, 2007 in Go Go, Manga


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